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Welcome to Elefemme
... the intersection of feminism, faith, and moving forward.

Structures built by man

fall, Truth reverberating -

"Love, I am Woman."


Elefemme has been a constantly changing labor of love. (That's what I get for discovering a seed of an idea on the cusp of starting law school...)

2018 ... Elefemme began in mid-2018 as a platform to sell shirts to raise money for reproductive justice and wildlife preservation, shaped around the imagery seen at the top of the webpage - the serendipitous similarity in design between an elephant's face and the female reproductive system. Nature is incredibly poetic.

2020 ... In a mid-2020 revamp following both national change and personal growth, Elefemme shifted accordingly, serving two functions: provide lists of resources both for self-education and organizations to whom monetary donations can be made to further civil liberties; and facilitate a dialogue with white America to navigate the uncomfortable space toward racial justice.

2021 ... Launching in Fall 2021, Elefemme "3.0" (for lack of a better distinguisher) is starting to feel like it is *finally* finding a metaphysical home at the intersection of feminism, faith, and forward movement. Please check out the "About" page for more information on who I am and why/what this is.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA

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